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Sports Injuries

Whether you’re an enthusiastic amateur or an elite professional, an osteopath can help with the prevention and treatment of common sporting injuries. The benefit of Osteopathy is not just about treating the injury but also about identifying the underlying cause.

Pains and strains:

  • low back pain (with or without sciatica).
  • muscle and ligament injuries.
  • knee pain (including lack of mobility and degenerative conditions).
  • shoulder (rotator cuff), elbow and wrist injuries.

Functional complaints:

  • reduced joint flexibility (e.g. suffered by golfers who can’t rotate as well as they used to).
  • mechanical limitations (e.g. suffered by gymnasts having difficulty in doing full “splits”).

Injuries caused by overuse:

  • tennis and golfer’s elbow.
  • jumper’s knee.
  • tenosynovitis and tendonitis (Achilles, ITB)

Recurrent injuries.

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