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Home Osteopathy What to expect on your first consultation?
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How to prepare for your first consultation?

Please aim to arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to allow time to find the clinic and for registtration

On your first visit, and before the examination begins, the osteopath will discuss and record you medical history in detail. You may then be asked to remove some of your clothing so that a series of observations and biomechanical assessments can be made. Female patients will be given a gown to wear.

The osteopath will then apply a highly developed sense of touch to identify points of weakness or excessive strain throughout the body. Further investigations may include an X-ray or blood test. This will allow a full diagnosis of the problem and will enable the osteopath to tailor a treatment plan to your needs, estimating the likely number of sessions needed to treat your condition effectively.  If the osteopath thinks that your condition is unlikely to respond to osteopathic treatment, you will be advised about how to seek further care.  Our osteopaths are skilled in diagnostic techniques and trained to identify when a patient needs to be referred to a GP or specialist.

Our osteopaths will make you feel at ease and tell you what is happening throughout your consultation. You should ask questions if you have any concerns.

The content on this website are provided for general information only. Diagnosis & treament of an individual's medical condition requires proper examination by and consultation with a qualified practitioner


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