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Patient Testimonials

"For 2 years I tried just about everything to get rid of the incessant pain I felt in both my heels – the result of a not uncommon condition called planter fasciitis. I did stretching exercises, wore well-cushioned footwear with semi-custom orthotics (contoured insoles), even received steroid injections. Finally, only two options remained – custom orthotics or surgery. While this choice should have been easy, horror stories of how painful custom orthotics were, actually had me contemplating surgery. Good sense prevailed and I decided to take the less invasive course of action.

Selecting a podiatrist was easy – Helen Crawford came so highly recommended I found myself in her office a few days later. After a thorough going over she prescribed the dreaded orthotics. I very tentatively expressed my nervousness about how painful they would be. Helen just smiled gently and said, “Not if they are done right”. A few weeks later I gingerly stood up in my new orthotic-lined trainers. The relief of standing without pain was indescribable. I wore them continuously for the first few months and was able to go for long walks, stand for hours with virtually no pain. I am now at the stage where I don’t have to wear them all the time and can even endure an evening wearing silly, strappy sandals!

Working with Helen has been a pleasure. Her gentle but firm (don’t ever yank your trainers off without untying your shoe laces in her presence!) manner inspires confidence and I, for one, am very grateful that my troublesome feet are in her very able hands."

-- Indira Pant

"After 2 weeks hiking in Spain with an agonising ingrowing toenail Helen's thoroughly professional nail surgery operation quickly and painlessly sorted out my toe."
-- Simon Day

"I have been under Neelam's care since Neelam arrived at the clinic in 2011. I continue to be impressed with Neelam's ability to quickly diagnose and treat my back and neck issues. Recently I had an elbow operation and Neelam's work on the rehabilitation and recovery has also been first class whereby even the surgeon was impressed!

Great results all around with terrific care, attention to detail and a little humour as well."

-- Scott Ryrie

"The Osteopaths at the Osteopathy and Podiatry Centre are always very professional and friendly. I have long-standing problems with my neck, which give me headaches and discomfort periodically. I can always rely on them to help me manage the problem and give me relief from the pain. They also try and problem-solve to prevent problems in the future. If I have colleagues at work with back problems, I always refer them to the clinic."

-- Sian Davies

"I visited The Osteopathy and Podiatry Centre to get advice to correct a leg imbalance that was causing me ongoing back pain. Robert listened to my problems and was able advise me on suitable footwear and fit me for orthoses that can be used in multiple pairs of shoes.My back pain been significantly alleviated and my wife also commented that I no longer walk with 'that slight limp' I used to have. I have also noticed that I no longer have muscle tension throughout my back after standing or walking for extended periods.I am very pleased with the quality of service and professionalism I received from Robert and his Team and would highly recommend them to others."

Philip Raff

Helen has taken care of my podiatry needs for over 10 years. I cannot recommend Helen highly enough as an outstanding expert with great skill in treating often complex foot issues.

I even recommended my mother to Helen for podiatry care when visiting and Mum's conclusion was Helen was the best Podiatrist she had used.....ever ! Mum, at 80 is visiting again in a few months and an appointment with Helen is already in the plan.

Scott Ryrie

"Diagnosing, prescribing and ordering my orthotics was managed with a high degree of professionalism and efficiency. On top of that, the staff are pleasant and care about their patients. I would not go anywhere else!"

Dan Baker

I had been suffering from headaches for a month that were getting more severe. After seeing the GP and having an X-ray for my sinuses the next step was an MRI which was rather worrying. A female friend of mine suggested I try Stephen Smith as he had previously helped her with a similar problem. I was rather sceptical initially but thought I would give it a go before exposing myself to an MRI. Steve gave me a thorough assessment and ascertained that that the headaches were stemming from a problem in my neck caused by poor posture. Three treatments later together with exercises that were prescribed by Steve I was better. I would thoroughly recommend Steve’s professional treatment.

Adam Marriott

Dear Neelam,

Just thought I'd express my thoughts regarding my treatments and consultations with you over the last five to six years.Having smashed my back on a bike in 1986 and being a gym junky for the last ten years Chiropractors, Physio's and Osteo therapists have become more familiar to me than my visiting family from London. Most are mediocre, some are not very good at all. I'd got so used to telling a therapist my problem...them telling me back in a different language what i just said and sending me away to fix myself with exercises morning and night that i had forgotten that my expectation could be much more until you started working on me. Now when I displace a vertebrae or impinge a nerve or knot a muscle I go to you knowing that I'm going to leave your clinic not getting a plan to fix the problem but to have it fixed. I walk in in pain, not being able to look down or to the right as normal, usually after a few terrible sleepless nights...almost running to your clinic. And leave with total relief. Full range of movement restored, pain gone and knots gone. Yes, you still nag me to do the exercises but that's to keep it better not to make it better. You totally changed the amount of pain I need to manage and the amount of time I need to manage it for. You are the best Osteo I've had in my 12 years in Singapore and I couldn't thank you enough or over recommend you to anyone. Speaking of which my fiancé Yana wanted me to add a massive thank you. She never believed me when I told her you'd solve her lower back pain that she'd suffered with for three years after giving birth. But you did in two seasons. God knows what I'll do without you when we relocate to Thailand. But thank you for being the best I could ever possibly hope for.

Yours sincerely,

Peter Mitch Mabbort 

I have been seeing Eric weekly for the last year and his skills have made an amazing impact on my overall health. He has helped me recover from ligament damage after a broken arm, chronic lower back pain and even a numb toe. His approach to healing is holistic and he always educates his patients about the many contributors to their pain or ill health, whether they be poor posture, diet, metabolism or an injury to another body part. 

Seven members of my extended family have been to see Eric, for various physical ailments, and he has done them all the world of good. In fact, the main thing that my son misses about Singapore is Eric; as a keen soccer player he has sought help from Eric in dealing with injuries and now that he is at university in Canada, he laments the fact that he can’t find anyone with the same holistic approach to rehabilitation. He recently said “I’ve found a physiotherapist here, but he’s just not like Eric”.

I would recommend Eric to anyone who needs assistance with their physical well-being. He understands the human body like nobody else I have ever met. 

Gabriela Domicelj


I see Stephen for my problems (neck, back, pelvis, headache). He's got excellent bedside manners, always making me feel at ease. He listens very well and make sure he understands what I'm bringing into his office. I feel that listening to patients is important and there's too little emphasis on this and too little physicians practising it. I've been to chiropractors, physiotherapists, TCMs and other osteos but none has been as great as Stephen! So if you need an experienced, understanding and professional osteopath, look for him!

Ng Hui Ling


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